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After a few months’ absence from blogging, I return with a blog about blogging. (It’s like the Seinfeld episode where Kramer decides to write a coffee table book about coffee tables.)  In actuality, this blog isn’t just a recursive meta mind twist, it’s more about why and how we do what we do and why we’re even doing it.  Which is why I stopped blogging for awhile.

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An Early Bird

The holidays can be emotionally loaded for everyone, but maybe a little more for divorced families.  It can be a painful reminder of what has been lost, who isn’t around the table, all of the changes and new schedules enacted.

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Apology 101

Just about drove off the highway.  I ask the girl child what she learned at school today and instead of the typical “nothing” and an eye roll, she actually had an answer: “How to apologize.” “What class is this?” I ask, and my daughter tells me that her middle school hit the pause button on the traditional curriculum for a day to focus on skills and ideas that the kids will use for a lifetime.

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The Cringe Is Real

It’s summertime and surf camp pick up.  My pre-teen daughter, Evie, is being chased around our car by a boy in a superhero cape and swim trunks.  She runs clockwise, the boy, the opposite direction, ready to catch her. 

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