Would it Kill You?

I had just been dumped.  Twice-divorced and a single parent, I was sitting in a spa feeling sorry for myself when I picked up a magazine and read the advice of the indomitable Joan Rivers consoling a friend in a similar position: "Would it kill you to put on some lipstick?" she said. 

That challenge, that pick-yourself-up, and stop feeling sorry for yourself wisdom, inspired my memoir and put me on a path that ultimately changed my life. Would It Kill You To Put On Some Lipstick: A Year & 100 Dates is the story of my year of dating generously. 

Framed around the question of might I find a nice boyfriend in 100 dates or less, I embarked upon a year-long dating quest that proved humorous and grueling, forcing me to face a past I had been trying to escape much of my adult life. While my book chronicles my path to partnership, it also becomes the story of finding my own happiness in midlife.

On October 25th at the 92nd Street Y in New York City, Joan's talented daughter, Melissa, spoke with Whoopi Goldberg about her new book, Joan Rivers Confidential, (published by Harry N. Abrams).  As you'll see in this video, Joan's strength and wisdom lives on through Melissa.  She talks about her mother's refusal to allow  herself, or those around her, to be a victim or wallow in self-pity.  You'll also see at 40:10 where Whoopi and Melissa respond to my question and Whoopi curses my long-windedness!

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